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Ally’s Bar Energy Bar Review

There is always a new type of bar at the local outdoor store – today’s is Ally’s Bar. It’s a sweet potato based energy bar that boasts its non-gmo, gluten free, organic and vegan ingredients.

On first glance I was skeptical of the Ally’s Bar I was about to eat. It has as similar texture and look to the original Power Bar. Also, it is sweet potato based. Consequently, I was unsure on if this was a “sweet” or “savory” style energy bar. I was half expecting it to taste like Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully my skepticism was overridden. This is one of the best tasting energy bars I’ve ever tried and definitely lies on the “sweet” side of the energy bar spectrum. If I hadn’t known this was sweet potato based I would never have guessed so even if you don’t like sweet potatoes don’t discount this energy bar. My only complaint about this product is the low protein level – only 4g per bar. Personally I prefer energy bars that stick with me a little bit more vs providing a short term boost of energy.

Ally's Bar



Ally’s Bars taste great! I’m no doctor so I can’t speak to the nutritional breakdown but these things are a win from a taste perspective!

Ally’s Bar

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