Bushman Treon Shorts

Bushman Treon Shorts Review

Sometimes you want to look like you are decked out in the most high tech gear around. Other times you want to keep a slightly lower profile. In these circumstances a pair of shorts like the Bushman Treon’s will let you blend into the crowd while still maintaining the level of performance you are accustomed to.

The Bushman Treon’s are a classic cargo short with a tailored fit – they feel like shorts purchased from the Gap or J.Crew yet they maintain enough room to move around in. Many of the more traditional shorts on the market seem very “dad” styled with more than ample room all the way around and I appreciate the change in direction these shorts take. The waist is very true to size. I range from a US men’s 29 to 34, depending on the brand, and a size 32 fit my waist perfectly. One thing to note about the fit is the slightly longer than usual inseam and overall length. They are not baggy, rather, they are definitely intended for a slightly taller individual. I’m of fairly average height (5′ 7″) and these felt like they were several inches too long. I had a good friend of mine try them out who is right around 6 feet tall and they were spot on for him.

Overall construction of the Bushman Treon short is extremely solid. The fabric is a comfortable, very high quality, 100% cotton that will stand up to lots of abrasion. One weak point on a lot of pants is the stitching but with these it is reinforced in key areas and it’s doubtful that it will come undone even after years of wear. Small details, like the gusseted pockets, complete the premium feel of these shorts.

Bushman Treon Shorts Drawstring

You can see that big knot sitting directly in line with the waist of the pants. This digs into your stomach anytime you try to bend over.

My one complaint has to do with the drawstring. It is located on the inside of the shorts and is made of a relatively thick material. When you tie it tight the knot created is fairly substantial and is directly in line with the waist button causing the knot to dig into your stomach when the drawstring is tied and the waist is buttoned. This wasn’t a huge problem for me since the pants fit well enough in the waist to not need the drawstring or a belt to keep them up but for my buddy who is a bit slimmer and needed this feature it was an issue.


If you have a tall/slim body type and are looking for some classic cargo shorts the Bushman Treon Cargo shorts seem like a great option.


NOTE: I received the Treon Cargo Shorts free of charge from Bushman in consideration for a gear review.

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