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Final Gear Check

What to expect when guiding a trip

When it’s up to you to plan a trip, coordinate a group of people, and finally lead that group into the great unknown a lot of responsibility is on your shoulders – in fact all of it is.  The success or failure of a trip and the joy others get out of the experience depends […]

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REI Flex Lite Chair

REI Flex Lite Chair Review

The REI Flex Lite chair is an ultra compact fully featured camp chair.  It folds down into a very small package, due to its “tent pole like construction”, but doesn’t skimp on support allowing you to kick it in luxury no matter where you are. I picked up this chair specifically to take with me on multi-night […]

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Trailblazer Sawvivor Saw

Trailblazer Sawvivor Collapsible Saw Review

While not a new product the Trailblazer Sawvivor collapsible saw is an item that very few people seem to know about.  It is hands down my favorite way to process wood in the backcountry – either for trail building or for a campfire.  Its extremely lightweight design coupled with incredible usability and a low cost […]

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10 Essentials

My 10 Essentials

The Ten Essentials that we all know and love were originally laid out by The Mountaineers (an organization from my hometown of Seattle, WA) during the 1930’s and published in their classic work Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills. The original Ten Essentials weren’t updated until 2003 when the following list was published in an updated version […]

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Hummingbird Hammock Single Person Hammock

Hummingbird Hammock Single Person Hammock Review

The Hummingbird Hammock Single Person Hammock was originally a Kickstarter project that I’ve been following with anticipation for a while.  Recently they began taking orders on their website and I handed over my credit card with great anticipation.  The reason for my excitement is that the Hummingbird Hammock Single Person Hammock is made out of very lightweight […]

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Jetboil Sol Titanium Cooking System

Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System Review

I’ve always discounted Jetboil’s because of their weight.  While my friends sing their praises I have always laughed and innocently asked how much their packs weigh.  The Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System aims to stifle my argument that, while a Jetboil works well, its just too heavy for me. At an advertised weight of […]

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3 Favorite Things

My 3 favorite peices of gear

I’m not talking the three most useful or the three most innovative.  I’m about to tell you the three items that make me chuckle to myself when I use them.  The items that bring me the most pleasure in the backcountry.  Read on to find out what they are and why they are my favorites!

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Sea to Summit Spark SPIII

Sea to Summit Spark SPIII Sleeping Bag Review

Sea to Summit has followed up their release of the Spark SPI sleeping bag with the release of two, warmer, versions – the Spark SPII and Spark SPIII.  I recently began using the SPIII to see if I liked it as much as I did the Sea to Summit Spark SPI.  Its essentially the same […]

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Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow

Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow Review

This season Sea to Summit released three new pillows.  I recently got a chance to try out the Aeros Ultralight Pillow.  Did it leave a crick in my neck or help me drift off to blissful backcountry slumber? Read on to find out!

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MSR Alpine Salt and Pepper Shaker Review

Its that time of year when cobwebs are dusted off gear that has been sitting unused for several months and when that happens the majority of us get that urge to go down to our local outdoor store and buy new stuff! Everyone likes to upgrade a few things at the beginning of the season […]

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