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What medical equipment do you bring with you into the backcountry?

When I go into the woods with friends I am always interested in the medical equipment people bring with them.  For some being prepared means a fully stocked first aid kit that features everything from sucher kits to instant ice packs.  Personally, I bring far less than that. My standard medical kit contains toilet paper, blister […]

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What emergency equipment do you bring into the backcountry?

Lately I’ve been taking a look at the emergency gear I bring with me during backcountry skiing day tours – something I try to do at the beginning of every season.  Its important to continually evaluate what you bring along.  As your survival skills, equipment, and mountaineering abilities evolve the gear you require to stay safe in […]

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Little things add up when reducing weight

I recently replaced my factory tent stakes with a set of MRS Carbon-Core tent stakes.  I also replaced all my guy lines and tent stake loops with a lightweight Dyneema cord.  Overall I dropped about 3 ounces from mountaineering tent and 4 ounces from my 3 season tent.  You might not always be able to […]

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