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Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pasta Pot M Review

Need a pot for 1 person that can easily hold your fuel canister, stove, utensils, and lighter? Look no further than the Evernew Titanium Ultralight Medium Pasta Pot (also called the ECA522 on Evernew’s website).  This is an excellent solo pot.  What really makes this pot stand out, other than its ridiculously light weight (4.1 oz. and a 1000 […]

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Evernew Ti Ultralight Pot 3 Review

Its my personal belief that the average backpacker’s cook kit is one of the easiest places someone can dump weight with minimal effort and monetary investment – the Evernew Ti Ultralight Pot 3 (also labeled the “EAC253” on Evernew’s website and others) proves that point.  Evernew’s largest ultralight pot weighs a measly 4.55 oz on my home […]

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