Crevasse Rescue Packing List

The always up to date guide to what’s in my pack!

Last Updated: 9/09/2015

This list of crevasse rescue gear is what I bring with me into glacier country.  Crevasse rescue kits are highly dependent on your personal skill set.  Do not go into a glacier without being roped up with a group of people who ALL have the proper training.  You are welcome to use this list as a guide but be sure you customize it appropriately for your skill set. I make no guarantee that you won’t die if you bring along this set of gear.

NOTE: GLACIER TRAVEL IS VERY DANGEROUS EVEN FOR TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. DO NOT VENTURE ONTO A GLACIER WITHOUT THE PROPER TRAINING. Taking a glacier recue class is highly recommended.  I would also recommend you read Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue published by Mountaineers Books (Author: Andy Selters ISBN: 9780898866582).  It is hands down the best resource (outside of taking a class) to learn crevasse rescue techniques.

  • Climbing Harness – Black Diamond Couloir Mountaineering Harness w/ locking carabineer x2
    • For comfort get a pure mountaineering harness that is unpadded.  A padded climbing harness will soak up water weighing you down and making you cold.
  • Ice Screw – Petzl Laser Speed 21cm w/ locking carabineer
    • This is used to create a haul anchor in very icy terrain.  You want the longest ice screw possible to make sure the anchor is solid.
  • Locking Carabiner – Camp Photon x4
    • I have 4 that are unattached to anything.  Any time I mention a locking carabineer its one of these – if you count the total number of these I bring 6.
  • Non-Locking Carabiner– Camp Nano x6
  • PicketYates Expedition w/120cm runner and locking carabineer
  • Pulley – Petzl Oscillante
    • Used to make rigging a rescue haul faster and to relieve friction in the system.
  • Three 4′ Prussics – 6mm
    • Two are placed before and after where you tie onto the rope and the 3rd is saved for rigging a rescue haul.
  • Foot Prussic (sized to your height) – 6mm
    • Attached to your harness through the main locking carabineers and tucked away in case you fall and need it.
  • Two 60cm Runners
    • Used for rigging a rescue anchor.
  • 120cm Runner
    • Used for rigging a rescue anchor.
  • 15′ Cordelette – 6mm
    • Additional cord for securing anchors or rigging a rescue haul.