Delorme InReach Smartphone Communicator Review

The Delorme InReach Smartphone communication beacon is a great device for staying in touch while you are in the backcountry.  It has 3 programmable messages as well as a dedicated SOS button. It also pairs with your smartphone allowing you to send custom messages to people in your phone’s contact list – posting to Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks is also possible as long as you send a message to a “post by email”, or similar, service.  You can also receive messages as long as they are sent to a specific email address allowing people back home the ability to get in touch if needed.

Thanks to running on the Iridium network the Delorme InReach super reliable.  I’ve used the SPOT GPS Messenger in the past and been disappointed by hit and miss coverage and lost messages – after almost a year of fairly solid use in the Pacific Northwest I’ve never had an issue getting a message out using the Iridium network.  I like that this device runs on two AA batteries rather than rechargeable.  I appreciate the ability to get my trail electronics back in action with easily obtainable standard batteries (AA or AAA) either bummed off a friend or purchased from a trailhead gas station rather than needing to find a specialty battery or spend 4 hours recharging my device from a USB port.


While I’m a little conflicted about staying connected when I’m trying to disconnect I always bring this with me even on easy day hikes.  Its better to be safe than sorry.

Delorme InReach Smartphone Communicator