Evernew Ti Ultralight Pot 3 Review

Its my personal belief that the average backpacker’s cook kit is one of the easiest places someone can dump weight with minimal effort and monetary investment – the Evernew Ti Ultralight Pot 3 (also labeled the “EAC253” on Evernew’s website and others) proves that point.  Evernew’s largest ultralight pot weighs a measly 4.55 oz on my home scale. This is pretty unbelievable for a pot with a 1300 ml volume.  Compare this to one of the most popular ultralight titanium pot’s on the market – MSR’s Titan Kettle – which weighs 4.2 oz. and has a capacity of 850 ml.  With an MSRP of $59.99 dropping some weight and upgrading your cook pot has never been more attractive.

While not everyone needs a 1300 ml ultralight pot those that do will appreciate this piece of gear.  Evernew obviously took great care during the design phase to make sure they hit the right mix of features.  Things like a lid that fits easily into the pot without having to fiddle with it, insulated handles on the pot’s body and the lid (I hate it when they don’t insulate the lid) that are easy to use and effectively support the weight of the pot when full, and, when introducing their ultralight line of cookware, Evernew opted to ditch the non-stick coating they had used in the previous lines of titanium cookware to further reduce weight.  They even took the time to perfect some of the smaller things – they stamped volume levels into the titanium that are readable on the INSIDE of the pot allowing you to easily poor exactly the right amount of water into the pot to cook your freeze dried meal. So many cookware manufacturers mark the volume on the outside – which makes no sense because you can’t see through a titanium pot to use outside volume markings. Evernew also included a small poor notch to make it easier to poor water from your pot into something else.  It’s all  these little things make this my favorite piece of cookware.

My Evernew Titanium Ultralight 3 pot with my Primus Express Lander stove, fork and spoon (trimmed to fit into the pot) and lighter.

My Evernew Titanium Ultralight 3 pot with my Primus Express Lander stove, fork and spoon (trimmed to fit into the pot) and lighter.

I don’t always bring a pot this large with me into the backcountry.  During the summer time when I don’t need to melt snow for water I generally opt for the Evernew Ti Ultralight Pasta Pot M.  But in the winter a bigger pot (by bigger I mean a pot with a larger diameter rather than a pot that is taller) means faster melting, due to the increased surface area the heat from your stove is hitting, which reduces the overall amount of fuel you need to bring.  That .3 of an ounce in weight from a larger pot, in my tests, reduces fuel needs when melting snow by about 10%.  This really adds up over the course of a several day trip – far outweighing the extra weight of a larger pot.


The Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot 3 is hands down the best larger ultralight backpacking pot currently on the market.

Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot 3