Lock Laces

Lock Laces Review

The Quicklace system used by Solomon as well as the Speed Lace system recently introduced by Adidas have huge followings (my self included) so when I stumbled across Lock Laces I was intrigued.  To be 100% honest, I ordered these off Amazon on a whim believing they were a novelty item with no intention of using them long term.  Two weeks after installing them on my running shoes they are still being used and I’m a believer.

Lock Laces work on the same principal as the lacing systems used by Solomon and Adidas.  The major difference is that, rather than use a thin static cord as your lace, Lock Laces uses a thicker bungee type lace.  I initially thought this would be pretty uncomfortable or, at the least, not be able to hold the shoes on my feet very well.  In practice it works really well.  They actually seem more comfortable than static quick lacing systems.  The only thing I don’t like about Lock Laces is the cord lock (the thing you push the button down on to either tighten or loosen the laces) feels a little cheap and isn’t the easiest to use.  I wish they had used a higher quality cord lock.

Lock Laces Package

Here is what you get when you open the Lock Laces package.

To test them out I put them onto my running shoes and have been using them on the road and at the gym for the last two weeks.  I have yet to have any issue with them and they are still on my shoes.  I really like the stretchy nature of the laces because I can dial the right tightness in and then leave them set.  To get my feet in and out I just stretch the laces out a tad and slide my foot in.  Lock Laces basically make any pair of shoes a slip in.  While I wouldn’t recommend using these on mountaineering boots they seem like a pretty good solution for most other types of athletic shoes.

Lock Laces Installed

Here are the Lock Laces installed on my running shoes.


Lock Laces are the best $8 novelty purchase I’ve ever made.

Lock Laces