Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese Review

Moon Cheese. That unique delicacy that drove men wild and spurred the space race to new heights. That was until we realized the moon was made of rocks not cheese so we dropped the moon like it was hot never to return. In place of real Moon Cheese we have this stuff. According to the manufacturer they are “using patented technologies we remove only the moisture from cheese while keeping all the nutrition and flavour.” It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and when it comes down to it pretty much anything is better with cheese so this hasto be good, right?

Yeah… not so much. I think its best to leave Moon Cheese to the moon. It’s a crunchy snack that does taste like cheese and travels well even when jammed into a pack it doesn’t disintegrate like a cracker. The nutritional content is solid making its weight to nutrition ratio strong. It even has a cool name! The problem for me is the taste. It just doesn’t quite taste like cheese and the aftertaste has a hint of chemicals. Will you like it? Maybe. Should you try it? Why not; everyone loves novelty food items. But make sure you try it before you count on it to keep you going on day 4 of your 10 day trip.


I thought the moon made better tasting cheese.

Moon Cheese

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