Outdoor Research Stormcell Gloves Review

The Stormcell gloves by Outdoor Research are a very interesting pair of gloves.  They are a form fitting, Gore-Tex lined, waterproof glove intended for ice climbing.  I picked up a pair to use backcountry skiing and mountaineering.  While this glove works ok it is not my go to glove.  They fit very well, keep my hands at the perfect temperature, grip really well when wet, allow me to jam my hand into a snow filled crack to hoist myself up that last ledge before the summit without getting my hands soaked; the list of things I like about these gloves goes on and on.

Unfortunately there is one tragic flaw that keeps me from using these gloves.  When your hands are damp (think mild sweating inside your gloves) and you pull your hands out of these gloves the liners don’t stay put well enough.  They are attached to the inside of the glove so they don’t pull all the way out but they do pull out enough that it is almost impossible to get my hands back inside.  There have been times when I’ve had to break off a small tree branch to jam into the fingers of these gloves to get everything back in place so I can put the glove back on.


These gloves are great in theory and work well for activities where you can keep your gloves on 100% of the time but if you want to take your phone out and snap a selfie for Facebook you are going to be irritated when you try and put the gloves back on.

Outdoor Research Stormcell Glove

UPDATE: It appears Outdoor Research no longer sells the Stormcell Gloves.