Superband Premium Insect Repellent Bracelet

Superband PREMIUM Insect Repellent Bracelet Review

Over the weekend I made a huge mistake. Its something that doesn’t normally happen. I overlooked a minute detail and it caused a huge impact on the trip I had planned. That detail… mosquitoes. The Superband PREMIUM Insect Repellent Bracelet is the product I wish I had brought with me and will now be stored in my emergency and medical kit from here on out.

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Outdoor Products 20L Amphibian Weather Defense Day Pack

Outdoor Products 20L Amphibian Weather Defense Daypack Review

In my opinion Outdoor Products is one of the most underrated outdoor brands out there. I use several 10 year old dry bags they don’t make anymore on all of my kayak and whitewater adventures. I expect them to keep going strong for another 10 years. So when Outdoor Products reached out and asked me to review their 20L Amphibian Weather Defense backpack I was excited to give it a try. At its core the Amphibian is a small day pack with a roll top closure and welded seams to fully waterproof the main pocket.  It seems perfect for kayaking, rocking a SUP, fishing, bike commuting, or any other activity that requires keeping things dry no matter what.

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Bear Valley Pemmican Bar

Bear Valley Pemmican Bar Review

Next up on the list of energy bars to test is the Bear Valley Pemmican Bar – specifically the Fruit ‘N Nut blend.  So far I have been surprised how much I have liked the various different energy bars I’ve tested out. Almost all of them have tasted great, almost. That trend was broken with the Bear Valley Pemmican Bar. Not only did I not like the taste but I feel tricked by Bear Valley.

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Emberlit Fireant Stove Review

The Emberlit Fireant stove is a collapsible, titanium, wood burning (or solid fuel) stove that weighs a scant 2.8 oz. The idea behind any wood burning stove is that you don’t need to carry fuel if you can just burn the small sticks on the ground around you. You lighten your load and can stay out in the woods indefinitely without the need to resupply your fuel – all very appealing options.  The downside though is that you are going to deal with going through a more in depth process every time you want to cook something (vs. “traditional” canister stoves). But are they, and the Fireant, worth it? Will it produce a hot meal when the sky is pouring and you are trapped in your tent for days on end? Lets find out.

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Pure Bar Fruit & Nut Energy Bar Review

Another day another bar. Today I’m testing out the Pure Bar Fruit & Nut energy bars. They are certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan – pretty much the opposite of a Power Bar. Thankfully the taste was the opposite of a Powerbar as well! Sorry Powerbar, I don’t mean to pick on you. I tried out the Dark Chocolate Berry and Banana Coconut flavors.

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Hummingbird Hammocks Tree Straps

Hummingbird Hammocks Tree Straps Reivew

Hummingbird Hammocks is one of my favorite new brands on the market.  I reviewed their first product (the single person hammock) and loved it (it’s still my go to hammock) but was disappointed by the hanging options available to me. I looked at various solutions from Dutch Ware, Anti Gravity Gear, Dream Hammock and Arrowhead Equipment but all of their “lightweight” options weighed at least 4 oz. and I refuse to bring a hanging solution that weighs nearly as much as my hammock. With the Hummingbird Hammocks Tree Straps weighing just 2.1 oz. they seem like a perfect solution to my dilemma but… how do they work?!

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Sea to Summit UltraLight Sleeping Mat

Sea to Summit UltraLight Sleeping Mat Review

Sleeping pads have always been one of those things I’m constantly rotating through my pack – never satisfied… Until now! Sea to Summit recently released two new sleeping mat product lines, insulated and uninsulated, that include three versions each – UltraLight, Comfort Light, and Comfort Plus.  I picked up the non-insulated Sea to Summit UltraLight Sleeping Mat and have been putting it through its paces the last couple months.

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Pro Bar Meal

Pro Bar Meal Energy Bar Review

Lately I’ve been on a quest to find the best bars around.  Ok, maybe the term “quest” is a bit of an exaggeration but I’ve been getting bored of the generic energy bars I’ve been eating on every trip I’ve ever taken since I was 14 years old. My most recent culinary experience was with the Pro Bar Meal.  Billed as a “meal replacement” its slightly larger than traditional energy bars and supposedly more filling. I tried out the Superfood Slam and Strawberry Bliss bars.

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The Deuce of Spades In Use

Deuce of Spades Trowel Review

The Deuce of Spades – the lightest toilet hole digger you could possibly find. But is it worth taking with you on the trail? The simple trowel seems so simple yet some of the most heated debates I’ve heard between backpackers have been centred on this simple item and if it has a home in their kit. Here is what I have to say on the matter and if the Deuce of Spades makes the cut.

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Outdoor Research Radar Rain Cap

Outdoor Research Helium Radar Rain Cap Review

I was recently shown the Outdoor Research Helium Radar Rain Cap and was immediately intrigued. The Helium line by Outdoor Research is their best selling rain gear line and includes my favorite rain shell – the Helium II – so the addition of a cool hat using similar technology got me excited. Need a super lightweight, crushable and rainproof hat? Check out the Radar Rain Cap.

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