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PSA: Get Pet Insurance

Lately my dog, Gus, has been going through some health issues. He went from a very healthy dog ready for adventure to extremely sluggish in a very brief time period. Things progressed so quickly that, while we had a vet appointment scheduled for a week out, we were forced to rush him to the dog ER as his condition spiraled downward much faster than expected. The good news is that he’s now on the road to recovery. The bad news is that his recovery became expensive quickly. Without pet insurance we wouldn’t have been able to afford to save him.

I’m not advocating for a specific provider or a specific plan type, but, for the same reasons you should have health insurance so should your pet. Adventure pets are susceptible to the same dangers as we are in the outdoors. When we had to take Gus to the emergency room we weren’t given time to sit down and discuss what our options were and how much we were willing to spend. We either had to start treatment immediately or he would die. In that situation it’s very difficult to step back and think about the financial ramifications of the treatment being administered. No one wants to make hard decisions regarding their best animal friends so spare yourself the mental anguish and sign up for pet insurance.

Benjamin Bressler

Benjamin Bressler

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