Pure Bar Fruit & Nut Energy Bar Review

Another day another bar. Today I’m testing out the Pure Bar Fruit & Nut energy bars. They are certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan – pretty much the opposite of a Power Bar. Thankfully the taste was the opposite of a Powerbar as well! Sorry Powerbar, I don’t mean to pick on you. I tried out the Dark Chocolate Berry and Banana Coconut flavors.

I am not someone who prioritizes non-GMO, eating vegan or being gluten-free but I do try and eat organic whenever possible – that is what peaked my interest in Pure Bars.  So many of the energy bars you can pick up at the grocery store are so processed that it feels less like you are eating food and more like you are eating some gross space aged food substitute. Pure Bars on the other hand taste amazing! Of the two flavors I tried the Dark Chocolate Berry was hands down THE BEST TASTING ENERGY BAR I’VE EVER EATEN! You heard me right and I say that with a straight face without hesitation. It tastes like an amazing, moist brownie with cranberry chunks mixed in. I would eat this at home as a dessert. The Banana Coconut was also good but didn’t invoke the same reaction as the decadent Dark Chocolate Berry flavor. I can’t wait to try Pure Bar’s other offerings.

Pure Bar Dark Chocolate Berry

It might look like bear droppings but the Dark Chocolate Berry Pure Bar tastes like it was crafted by an expert Swiss chocolatier.


I doubt that I will ever find a better tasting energy bar than the Dark Chocolate Berry Pure Bar.

Pure Bar

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