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Seattle Sports Springer Leash Review

The Seattle Sports Springer Leash is a unique dog leash with a ton of premium features from a company known for their excellent paddling gear.

Being from Seattle I’ve been familiar with Seattle Sports for quite some time. I picked up a heavily used set of Seattle Sports dry bags on Craigslist about 5 years ago and they are still going strong after tons of abuse. The Springer leash carries on this same spirit of quality and durability through small but important details like tight, sturdy stitching, dependable materials and small refining touches such as the D ring near the base of the handle to attach things like a poo bag holder.

Two things set this leash apart from others on the market – the unique material it’s made from and the clip built into the handle. The first thing you notice about this leash is that you don’t actually notice it. Made from a transparent vinyl the Springer leash disappears between you and your dog. Besides looking cool by using vinyl the leash is waterproof. Vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture so it won’t get smelly or freeze up during the winter. The slight stretch the vinyl provides is also great when your dog lunges; working as a shock absorber. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to vinyl construction. The biggest I found was that the leash becomes quite slick when wet making it difficult to choke up on if you need to temporarily shorten the length of the leash.

Seattle Sports Springer Leash

Where did that leash go?! The Springer leash almost disappears thanks to its transparent material.

My favorite feature is the clip built into the handle. Great for any activity where you need your dog on a leash but also need your hands free – just clip it to your belt or backpack strap. Think jogging, snowshoeing/hiking with trekking poles, or fly fishing. Also great when you want to tie your dog up to a park bench. It’s worth noting that the handle clip isn’t made from the same material as the main section of the leash – it’s made of webbing. Webbing is a much better choice of handle over vinyl, based on how slippery the vinyl can get, but the webbing does dig into your hands a bit when your dog pulls and isn’t the most comfortable to hold onto for extended periods of time. Good thing you can clip it to yourself and go hands free!


The Springer leash from Seattle Sports is a great hands free leash that excels in wet environments.

Seattle Sports Springer Leash

NOTE:  I received the Springer Leash for free from Seattle Sports Co. in consideration for a gear review.


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