Snow Peak Titanium Double 450 Mug and Insulation Lid Review

If you are looking for a great non-plastic mug than the Snow Peak Titanium Double 450 mug with insulated lid is for you.  The Double 450 is an insulated, double walled, mug that keeps whatever hot liquid you want to put into it hot.  Many people will feel that the weight of a mug vs. that of a cup (the difference between a cup and a mug is if its insulated) makes a cup more attractive.  Personally one of my greatest joys is sitting on a rock outcrop during the early morning hours overlooking a secluded valley or lake sipping my coffee and taking in the sights.  When my coffee gets cold half way through the experience it kind of ruins the mood – so I always opt for an insulated mug.

The Snow Peak Titanium Double 450 holds a nice amount of liquid, realistically around 14 oz. if you don’t fill the mug to the VERY brim, which is more than enough for two packets of Starbucks Via instant coffee mixed with one packet of hot coco (my personal favorite way to start the day in the woods) or a nice evening cup of tea. Its also large enough to work as a bowl for a couple packages of instant oatmeal if you prefer not to eat directly out of your boiling pot.

Using this mug without the lid (sold separately) doesn’t make sense to me.  With the lid your drink stays warm much longer (to the point that I normally remove the lid to let my drink cool off for a few minutes before replacing the lid and enjoying my beverage) and, while not sealing the top completely since it is made to be drank out of, it will considerably slow the flow of liquid out of the mug if you accidently knock it over while drinking coffee from the comfort of your sleeping bag.  I’ve done this a few times and the lid kept the liquid spilled to a small puddle rather than a full on lake in the bottom of my tent. The benefits the lid provides more than make up for its 1.1 oz. weight.

Speaking of weight, the one downside to this mug is its overall weight – 5.3 oz. with the addition of the lid (4.2 oz. without).  While I always end up bringing a mug with me its always one of the things I consider leaving at home.  Something else to note: because its a double walled mug you will ruin it if you try and boil water in it.


Overall solid construction and great insulation properties make the Snow Peak Titanium Double 450 mug one of the best in its class.

Snow Peak Titanium Double 450

Snow Peak Insulation Lid