Trailblazer Sawvivor Saw

Trailblazer Sawvivor Collapsible Saw Review

While not a new product the Trailblazer Sawvivor collapsible saw is an item that very few people seem to know about.  It is hands down my favorite way to process wood in the backcountry – either for trail building or for a campfire.  Its extremely lightweight design coupled with incredible usability and a low cost make this backcountry saw a winner.

I’ve been using the Trailblazer Sawvivor since way back in 2005.  It goes with me on every trip into the woods.  In fact the saw pictured in this review is the same one I first purchased in 2005 – seems to have held up well over the years (I’m even still using the original saw blade).  The reason I love it is because its way lighter than an ax (9.2 oz.) but can cut through a 5 inch think branch in about 15 seconds without exerting too much effort.  It also breaks down into a very small package that is completely self contained so there is no need to worry about the blade damaging other gear in your pack.  Another bonus for this saw is that it takes a standard 15 inch bow saw blade which can be purchased at literally every hardware store nationwide – no searching high and low for an overpriced specialty replacement blade. The craftsmanship is also impeccable with a number of well though out features – the padding on the handle makes it comfortable to use and the blade tension mechanism allows for quick setup times but also securely holds the blade with more than enough tension to really go to town on whatever you are cutting.

Trailblazer Sawvivor Saw in its compact form

This is what the Trailblazer Sawvivor Saw looks like when its compacted down to its smallest size. The blade is inserted into the main long single top tube for secure storage.

Unfortunately, I’m reviewing the Trailblazer Sawvivor collapsible saw today specifically to bring it to your attention before its too late.  I learned that, recently, Trailblazer (the manufacture of the Sawvivor saw) went out of business and will no longer be producing this amazing device.  With that in mind you need to go track one down before its gone forever!


If you can find a Trailblazer Sawvivor saw somewhere buy it immediately! It is the best method of processing wood in the backcountry.

Trailblazer Sawvivor Saw

NOTE: Trailblazer’s website is no longer online but I did find a different website ( that lists the details of this product.