Inkblaat Insoles Review

Inkblaat Insole Review

Lets face it, shoes get stinky. Particularly so after you have spent the day hiking and your expensive outdoor kicks are soggy with sweat. Inkblaat insoles are here to help with that problem. While they can’t keep your shoes out of the mud they can be removed from your shoe and run through the washing machine helping extend the life of your shoes and reduce the amount of odor that builds up inside them. Alongside being machine washable they also claim to be super comfortable and kill odor causing bacteria. Personally, I have very sweaty feet and jumped at the chance to review a product that might prevent people asking me if something died when they get close to a pair of my gym shoes.

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Onebar Energy Bar Review

While the Onebar may have been born out of a desire to feed children something delicious adults benefiting from having a delicious energy bar on the market can’t be a bad thing. Each bar is one serving of fruit and is made from high quality vegan and gluten free ingredients.

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C2 Performance Tights

C2 Performance Tights Review

The C2 Performance Tights were made for the days when others decide to stay home. Constructed from a thicker material these tights can stand alone or be layered underneath heavier layers when the temperature really drops.

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C2 Elite Half Zip

C2 Elite Power Wool Half Zip Review

The Elite Half Zip from C2 is a classic base layer that’s great for when temperatures start to drop. This next to skin layer is made from Polartec Power Wool, a “natural synthetic-hybrid” material, to achieve the benefits of both wool and synthetic.

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Springer Leash

Seattle Sports Springer Leash Review

The Seattle Sports Springer Leash is a unique dog leash with a ton of premium features from a company known for their excellent paddling gear.

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Klymit Pillow X

Klymit Pillow X Review

The Klymit Pillow X is a lightweight inflatable pillow targeting the ultralight backpacker. A pillow is on my short list of luxury items that I pack on any extended backpacking trip. If you don’t sleep well your trip will suffer the consequences. The X pillow sets itself apart from the crowd with its iconic X segmentation. This 4 chamber design self centers your head onto the pillow keeping your perfectly positioned all night long.

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Pet Insurance

PSA: Get Pet Insurance

Lately my dog, Gus, has been going through some health issues. He went from a very healthy dog ready for adventure to extremely sluggish in a very brief time period. Things progressed so quickly that, while we had a vet appointment scheduled for a week out, we were forced to rush him to the dog ER as his condition spiraled downward much faster than expected. The good news is that he’s now on the road to recovery. The bad news is that his recovery became expensive quickly. Without pet insurance we wouldn’t have been able to afford to save him.

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The Simple Shower

Simple Shower Portable Shower Review

The Simple Shower has a simple sell – make a quick shower out of any plastic bottle. Here in the Pacific Northwest ocean excursions are always on the schedule. While playing in salt water is a blast cleaning up after isn’t. You feel grimy with salt all over yourself and your gear needs to be cleaned right away to keep corrosion at bay. The simple shower enables both of these things in a very basic package.

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Paleo Meals To Go

Paleo Meals To Go Review

The selection of backpacker meals on the market has exploded lately. Options abound for not only those sick of the traditional Mountain House meal but also for those with dietary restrictions. Case in point Paleo Meals To Go. Produced by an outdoor enthusiast and his mother, they are aimed at anyone who wants to eat paleo while on an outdoor adventure.

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Bushman Treon Shorts

Bushman Treon Shorts Review

Sometimes you want to look like you are decked out in the most high tech gear around. Other times you want to keep a slightly lower profile. In these circumstances a pair of shorts like the Bushman Treon’s will let you blend into the crowd while still maintaining the level of performance you are accustomed to.

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