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Lock Laces

Lock Laces Review

The Quicklace system used by Solomon as well as the Speed Lace system recently introduced by Adidas have huge followings (my self included) so when I stumbled across Lock Laces I was intrigued.  To be 100% honest, I ordered these off Amazon on a whim believing they were a novelty item with no intention of […]

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My Sawyer Squeeze Mini Setup

Its already been established in many reviews that the Sawyer Squeeze Mini is the lightest, cheapest, most vestal way to filter water in the backcountry.  But, its versatility can really make people frustrated. People always seem to be fumbling around with it never using it to the maximum potential.  I’m going to show you the way I’ve […]

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Mountain Hardware Summitrocket 40 Backpack

Mountain Hardware Summitrocket 40 Backpack Review

Mountain Hardware’s Summitrocket 40 backpack aims to be your go to fast and light peak bagging pack.  It is a stripped down, simple pack made from a mix of both durable and lightweight materials that hides a few surprises inside it.  Using this strategy Mountain Hardware has been able to create a pack that comes […]

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10 Essentials

My 10 Essentials

The Ten Essentials that we all know and love were originally laid out by The Mountaineers (an organization from my hometown of Seattle, WA) during the 1930’s and published in their classic work Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills. The original Ten Essentials weren’t updated until 2003 when the following list was published in an updated version […]

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Hummingbird Hammock Single Person Hammock

Hummingbird Hammock Single Person Hammock Review

The Hummingbird Hammock Single Person Hammock was originally a Kickstarter project that I’ve been following with anticipation for a while.  Recently they began taking orders on their website and I handed over my credit card with great anticipation.  The reason for my excitement is that the Hummingbird Hammock Single Person Hammock is made out of very lightweight […]

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Jetboil Sol Titanium Cooking System

Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System Review

I’ve always discounted Jetboil’s because of their weight.  While my friends sing their praises I have always laughed and innocently asked how much their packs weigh.  The Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System aims to stifle my argument that, while a Jetboil works well, its just too heavy for me. At an advertised weight of […]

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REI Trail Running Gaiters

REI Trail Running Gaiters Review

Recently I’ve begun wearing gaiters more often than not when I’m doing pretty much any outdoor activity – from quick day hikes to hard core expeditions and everything in-between (I even wore them when I was gardening).  My feet get blisters very easily and I’ve found that the ability of gaiters to keep the dust […]

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3 Favorite Things

My 3 favorite peices of gear

I’m not talking the three most useful or the three most innovative.  I’m about to tell you the three items that make me chuckle to myself when I use them.  The items that bring me the most pleasure in the backcountry.  Read on to find out what they are and why they are my favorites!

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Klymit Inertia O Zone sleeping pad

Klymit Inertia O Zone Sleeping Pad Review

The Klymit Inertia O Zone Sleeping Pad has a lofty goal – reduce a sleeping pad to the minimum weight possible by reducing material in areas that you don’t need it through a process they call “body mapping”.  In principle this sounds great. On paper the Klymit Inertia O Zone Sleeping Pad weighs a measly 12.2 […]

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Sea to Summit Spark SPIII

Sea to Summit Spark SPIII Sleeping Bag Review

Sea to Summit has followed up their release of the Spark SPI sleeping bag with the release of two, warmer, versions – the Spark SPII and Spark SPIII.  I recently began using the SPIII to see if I liked it as much as I did the Sea to Summit Spark SPI.  Its essentially the same […]

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