Adventure Medical SOL Emergency Bivy Review

The Adventure Medical SOL Emergency Bivy is one of the few pieces of gear that is always in my pack no matter what I’m doing.  Pair this with a down jacket and some insulated pants (or even an ultralight sleeping bag like the Sea-to-Summit Spark) and you have an all weather, 4 season emergency shelter that will keep you warm and dry no matter what.

Even by itself you will stay pretty warm.  Its made out of a stretchy material that is much harder to put holes in (and when you do they stay as small holes rather than becoming long tears) but still reflects heat back to your body like a traditional space blanket.  I put this to the test on my last backpacking trip.  I slept out under the stars wearing the clothes I had on me (long pants, long sleeve soft shell and a lightweight puffy jacket) and didn’t freeze to death.  I won’t lie and say I was comfortable but for a night that got down to 38 degrees with a light drizzle it wasn’t unpleasant.


A life saving shelter that costs $17 and weighs only 3.8 oz. Buy it and hopefully you never need to use it.

Adventure Medical SOL Emergency Bivy