Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series Trail Dog Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Trail Dog First Aid Kit Review

Let’s face it – life is better with a dog. But… life can also be very complicated with a dog. This is especially true when they decide to try and eat a porcupine or think that backing an angry animal into a hole is a good idea. I love having a trail companion with me but until recently I never really thought about treating my dogs injuries. Adventure Medical Kits realized this and came out with a product specifically targeting me – someone with no vet experience who needs to be able to treat a dog with the same level of injuries a human might sustain in the wilderness. The Adventure Dog Series Trail Dog Medical Kit perfectly solves this problem.

When I go into the wilderness I am generally pretty prepared for whatever might get thrown my way – you can check out my emergency and medical kit packing list to see what I bring along. Dogs on the other hand are tricky. Not only do I not really know how to treat their injuries I’m not sure if the products I have with me are dog safe. Questions like “My dog’s face is swelling up like crazy. Is it safe/recommended to give him the human version an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen?” are reasonable to ask but very difficult to get answers to when you are out in the woods. The reason I bring this up is because I think the number one most important item included in this dog specific medical kit is a very well written and organized succinct handbook on how to treat your dogs injuries. When things are looking bad and my dog is in pain and freaking out the last thing I want to do is spend a ton of time figuring things out. The handbook makes it super easy to figure out what to do and start taking action.

Gus at the beach

This little guy is the reason I need a well stocked dog medical kit.

Other than the handbook there are a number of medical items included to treat your dog. Obviously I’m not a trained vet but the items included seems like a reasonable toolkit to treat the majority of trail injuries. You can find a list of specifics on Adventure Medical Kits website so I won’t list them out here. Finally, the kit is contained not only in the fabric case but also comes with a waterproof ziplock bag to keep everything dry (essential if you are making your dog carry his or her own gear – which I personally recommend for medium and large dogs since the extra weight seems to keep pups from wandering too far). To top it off the kit retails for a mere $25.00.

Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series Trail Dog Medical Kit

Here is what you get with your Adventure Medical Trail Dog Medical Kit.


If you love your pet and take them into the wilderness (or even to the local dog park for that matter) there is no excuse to not have the Adventure Medical Trail Dog Medical Kit on hand.

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