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Jetboil MicroMo Cooking System Review

The MicroMo is Jetboil’s latest entry into their line of cooking systems. The big selling point of the MicroMo is that it utilizes the same fuel regulator as the MiniMo (allowing for great simmer control) but it’s jammed into a much smaller and lighter stove. Want to cook food in a Jetboil while you are deep in […]

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Emberlit Fireant Stove Review

The Emberlit Fireant stove is a collapsible, titanium, wood burning (or solid fuel) stove that weighs a scant 2.8 oz. The idea behind any wood burning stove is that you don’t need to carry fuel if you can just burn the small sticks on the ground around you. You lighten your load and can stay […]

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How to hang your Jetboil

One of the biggest hidden benefits of an integrated stove system, like a Jetboil, is its ability to be used inside a tent.  Most people rarely do this since it seems so risky, but, if you set it up right there is no need to venture out of your sleeping bag and into a blizzard just […]

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Jetboil Sol Titanium Cooking System

Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System Review

I’ve always discounted Jetboil’s because of their weight.  While my friends sing their praises I have always laughed and innocently asked how much their packs weigh.  The Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System aims to stifle my argument that, while a Jetboil works well, its just too heavy for me. At an advertised weight of […]

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Olicamp Xcelerator Titanium Stove Review

The Olicamp Xcelerator Titanium Stove is a really interesting offering and one I’d recommend to anyone searching for a 3+ season, lightweight yet stable, backcountry canister stove.  It’s weight (just 3.5 oz.) coupled with it being a remote canister stove is what sets it apart from other canister stoves on the market.  A big reason this stove […]

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Primus Express Lander Stove Review

I recently picked up the Primus Express Lander stove from Rei’s outlet site.  After some recent cold weather mountaineering I decided it was time to make the switch to a white gas stove.  I’d been considering a white gas cook system for a while but I just couldn’t justify the trade off in weight.  The Primus […]

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