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Leatherman Leap

Leatherman Leap Multitool Review

The Leatherman Leap is a unique multitool. It’s aimed at children and consequently made “safe”. According to Leatherman “the Leap includes safety locks that keep fingers from the path of the tools, a two-hand opening knife blade for safer deployment, and a secure grip designed to train users to properly and safely operate tools. The […]

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Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series Trail Dog Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Trail Dog First Aid Kit Review

Let’s face it – life is better with a dog. But… life can also be very complicated with a dog. This is especially true when they decide to try and eat a porcupine or think that backing an angry animal into a hole is a good idea. I love having a trail companion with me but until recently […]

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Trailblazer Sawvivor Saw

Trailblazer Sawvivor Collapsible Saw Review

While not a new product the Trailblazer Sawvivor collapsible saw is an item that very few people seem to know about.  It is hands down my favorite way to process wood in the backcountry – either for trail building or for a campfire.  Its extremely lightweight design coupled with incredible usability and a low cost […]

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What is the best fire starter?

When I’m out backpacking, or even day hiking, I normally bring two or three Esbit solid fuel tabs with me to use as an emergency fire starting last resort.  Most of the time I don’t have too much of a problem starting a fire but there are occasions when I’m in the cold, damp forest and […]

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What medical equipment do you bring with you into the backcountry?

When I go into the woods with friends I am always interested in the medical equipment people bring with them.  For some being prepared means a fully stocked first aid kit that features everything from sucher kits to instant ice packs.  Personally, I bring far less than that. My standard medical kit contains toilet paper, blister […]

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Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Review

The Black Diamond Storm headlamp is my go to light source for every activity I take part in.  It is super bright (100 lumens), takes 4 AAA batteries, fairly light weight (3.9 oz with batteries), easy single button mode switching, battery meter, fully waterproof to 1 meter, and has a lock mode so it won’t […]

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What emergency equipment do you bring into the backcountry?

Lately I’ve been taking a look at the emergency gear I bring with me during backcountry skiing day tours – something I try to do at the beginning of every season.  Its important to continually evaluate what you bring along.  As your survival skills, equipment, and mountaineering abilities evolve the gear you require to stay safe in […]

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Midland Nautico 3 Marine Radio Review

The Midland Nautico 3 Marine radio is a great VHF radio that is easy on the wallet.  It is easy to use, provides quick access to channel 16, has the weather channels built in, has a backlit screen and a bunch of other appreciated features.  The reason I went with this radio over a number […]

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Delorme InReach Smartphone Communicator Review

The Delorme InReach Smartphone communication beacon is a great device for staying in touch while you are in the backcountry.  It has 3 programmable messages as well as a dedicated SOS button. It also pairs with your smartphone allowing you to send custom messages to people in your phone’s contact list – posting to Twitter, Facebook, or other social […]

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Adventure Medical SOL Emergency Bivy Review

The Adventure Medical SOL Emergency Bivy is one of the few pieces of gear that is always in my pack no matter what I’m doing.  Pair this with a down jacket and some insulated pants (or even an ultralight sleeping bag like the Sea-to-Summit Spark) and you have an all weather, 4 season emergency shelter […]

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