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REI Snow and Sand Tent Anchors Review

When you are anchoring a tent or hammock in the snow or sand traditional tent stakes don’t work very well.  Enter the REI Snow and Sand Tent Anchor system.  Essentially they are small parachutes that you attach to your guy lines and then burry in the snow/sand.  By providing a ton more surface area than […]

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1.4mm Z-Line Slick Dyneema Cord Review

I am not a cord expert but I like this stuff.  Its slick but not so slick it won’t easily hold a knot, it is really lightweight, fairly strong (330 lb. tensile strength), a nice bright orange that is easily seen.  Great for guy lines or a bear bag cord.

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MSR CamRing Cord Tensioners Review

Not much to review here.  These cord tensioners are great.  I use them not only on all my guy lines.  Sure, you don’t actually need these.  You can tie a great knot that does the exact same thing.  But when I’ve got cold, stiff fingers I’d much rather use one of these.  Besides, they weigh […]

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