Epic Energy Bars

Epic Energy Bar Review

Epic Energy Bars intrigued me.  If you haven’t heard of them they are essentially a “premium meat snack” that is packaged like an energy bar. They come in three flavors: lamb currant mint, turkey almond cranberry, and bison bacon cranberry.  After seeing them on the shelves of REI for a while I decided to take the plunge and test them out on a backpacking trip to Phantom Ranch in The Grand Canyon.

Normally I pride myself on my backcountry cooking skills. I look down at people who think Mountain House freeze dried meals actually taste good. But, for this trip I decided that with the crazy hot temps in the canyon I probably didn’t want to be cooking myself a hot meal anyway so I fully committed to the bar lifestyle. I left my trusty Jetboil at home and lived solely on pre-packaged food in bar form.  In hindsight this was an incredibly poor decision. One of my saving graces though were these Epic Energy Bars.  My major problem with the bar diet is how tired I get of granola/nut slightly sweet generic energy bars.  Even if they taste good after 6 of the same style of bar they just get old.  Epic bars allow you to mix it up and get a different taste in your mouth.

Epic Energy Bars Lamb Unopened

About to dig in! So hungry…

The overall experience eating one of these is similar to that of premium beef jerky. They are moist, very tender and full of flavor.  My personal favorite was the Bison with Bacon and cranberry. Other people in my group enjoyed the Lamb a lot as well.  While I’m not sure I’d eat these 100% of the time they make a great addition to your pack to add some variety to your diet. They are also great for people trying to eat paleo. Since I tried their original three flavors Epic has released seven additional flavors as well as a couple additional product types – I can’t wait to give them a try!

Epic Energy Bars Lamb Opened

From so hungry to so satisfied in seconds.


Epic Energy Bars are a great way to mix it up and add some variety to your energy bar diet! I’ll be eating them again for sure!