Fuel 100 Electro-Bites Review

Fuel 100 Electro-Bites are a calorie and electrolyte replacement on the go snack for distance athletes. Their primary selling points are their salty taste (compared to all the sweet snacks currently on the market) and their ability to dissolve in your mouth after a quick crunch and swish of water. No more sludge like energy gels sticking in your throat!

Before I get into the bulk of the review let it be known that I am not a doctor, nutritionist or in anyway qualified to discuss the nutritional content of Electro-Bites. With that being said this product is designed for a quick burst of energy during a long distance endurance activity rather than something designed to sustain you over long periods of time. They are packed with quick hitting energy rather than complex carbs or protein. This is not a negative – just make sure you place them in the category of energy gel rather than trail mix. Fuel 100 also specifically calls out sodium, potassium, and magnesium as key things to pay attention to from a nutrition standpoint. If you are using this product in addition to an electrolyte supplement you might want to reduce the use of the supplement so you don’t overload on those specific nutrients.

Now the important part of the review, the thing I am highly qualified to discuss, the taste! Electro-Bites are one of the most uniquely flavored snacks on the market and that is an amazing thing. Too often I feel like I’m stuck in punch land. Every snack I have is either fruit punch, tropical punch, caribbean punch or island punch. When I saw they had a salty vinegar flavor I was sold – sea salt and vinegar is great on potato chips and it’s great here too. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate brands mixing up their flavor profiles. Personally I’m someone who functions based on how happy my stomach is. When my blood sugar is low I’m a hangry mess so I’m constantly eating when I’m outdoors. I also am someone who enjoys the food that goes into my body – I view it not just as fuel but also as a reward. Food is something I look forward to so when it’s time to eat I want to enjoy it and when Electro-Bites are on the menu that isn’t a problem.


Don’t let the dog treat look of Electro-Bites fool you they taste great!

A couple closing thoughts on Fuel 100’s Electro-Bites. It would be nice if the package was resealable. I understand that these are meant to be eaten in a single sitting but I found that I prefered to eat 1/3 to 1/2 of a package at a time rather than the whole thing. Also, while they don’t specifically mention this on their website it appears to me that these snacks are vegan friendly. If that is a concern of yours you might want to verify this but Electro-Bites could possibly be a good option for you.


If you need fuel for an endurance activity Fuel 100 Electro-Bites are an excellent option to keep you performing at the top of your game.

Fuel 100 Electro-Bites Nutrition for Athletes

NOTE: I received Electro-Bites for free from Fuel 100 in consideration for a gear review.

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