GSI Outdoors Infinity Mug Review

You might think that all backpacking mugs are created equal – the GSI Outdoors Infinity mug proves this wrong!  It is my favorite mug for a single specific reason: it’s lid seals!  I can sit in my sleeping bag and sip my coffee then set the half full mug down on the tent floor while I shuffle around and not worry about knocking it over and soaking everything in the tent with coffee!  I’ve made this mistake with other mugs before and ended up with a small lake of coffee slowly soaking its way into my sleeping bag – not the best way to start the day.

Personally, even though they are heavier, I prefer titanium to plastic mugs.  They insulate better, hold up to wear and tear better and plastic mugs potentially leech chemicals into what I’m eating/drinking. But, I have yet to find a titanium mug that has as awesome of a lid as the GSI Outdoors Infinity mug.  Not only does the fact that it seals keeps your tent safe from accidental spillage but if you need to carry a little extra water for whatever reason you can feel fairly confident that this mug filled up (and treated with respect) can last the day inside your backpack without spilling.

Side view of the GSI Outdoors Infinity mug.

Side view of the GSI Outdoors Infinity mug.

Other than having an awesome lid this mug’s other features are pretty standard.  Its got an insulated sleeve that goes around the mug to keep your drink warm, is made of BPA free plastic, and its got a handle made of webbing to allow for easier packing.


For $10 its tough to find a better backpacking mug than the GSI Outdoors Infinity Mug.  Now if only they made a single walled titanium version that I could both cook in and eat/drink from… that would be brilliant.

GSI Outdoors Infinity Mug