Harmony Valley Camp Cuisine Powdered Hummus Mix

Harmony Valley Camp Cuisine Powdered Hummus Mix Review

One of my favorite day hike snacks is the little single serving package of hummus and pretzels.  I can’t think of a better snack to get me back in the game when I’m dragging.  Unfortunately hummus doesn’t keep very well on the trail – not only does it go bad but due to the high water and olive oil content it’s quite heavy for the number of calories it packs.  That’s where Harmony Valley Camp Cuisine Powdered Hummus Mix comes in! Its a dry, powdered hummus mix that only requires you to stir in some water and olive oil to have fresh hummus in seconds. But, like any dried out backpacking food, I’m always skeptical about the way it will taste.  Read on to find out if it tastes as delicious as I hope it will.

Mixing this stuff up was easy.  I tried it at home in a bowl but it is just as easy to mix up on the trail.  If you open the package and leave the hummus mix in its pouch you can add your water and olive oil directly to it and not need to get your mug/cooking pot dirty.  To test this stuff out I made two versions – one with just water and one with (as the recipe recommends) water and olive oil.  Personally, I’d love to not need to pack olive oil with me when trying to go light and fast so my hope was that this stuff will taste just as good without the oil.

As you can see in the top image this stuff comes out of the package as a very fine powder – very much the consistency of protein powder.  The ingredients call for 1 and 1/3 cup COLD water (this is important to prevent clumping) and 1/3 cup of olive oil.  Once you add those two ingredients to the powder you whip it with a fork or whisk until it is smooth.  Here is my first pass and making this without the olive oil:

Harmony Valley Camp Cuisine Powdered Hummus Mix made with water only

Here is the hummus mix made with only water (1 and 1/3 cup).

Overall, as you can see, it looks pretty hummus-y. Its a tad on the salty side but the flavor and consistency are delightful.

Next up we add the olive oil (a 1/3 of a cup):


Here is what it looks like with the olive oil added in. You can see the sheen the olive oil gives it.

With the olive oil added in the consistency is much smoother and the taste is a bit nuttier.  The olive oil also seems to cut the salt a bit. But… here is the thing: the olive oil is completely unnecessary.  I think it tastes great with just the water – which is a huge bonus because honestly, if I was required to bring a little vile of olive oil with me backpacking I wouldn’t bring this product with me on the trail.


If you pair Harmony Valley Camp Cuisine Powdered Hummus Mix with maybe a small summer sausage and a bagel you will have one of the best (if not THE best) no cook trail lunch or dinner you will ever find.  This is coming with me on every backpacking trip I go on moving forward no matter what. Side note: if you are eating this by yourself consider breaking the mix up into two servings.  I couldn’t finish a full packet in one serving.

Harmony Valley Camp Cuisine Powdered Hummus Mix