Julbo Tensing Mountaineering Glasses Review

The Julbo Tensing high alpine mountaineering sun glasses are my go to sun glasses for almost all activities I take part in.  From skiing (resort and backcountry) to mountain biking to sea kayaking these are the single pair of glasses I reach for.  I have very sensitive eyes and require very dark sunglasses – the Spectron 4 lens in the Julbo Tensing is a category 4 lens (blocks 90% of incoming light).

I also run very hot and have issues with goggles fogging up – the Tensing is my goggle replacement.  I almost never wear ski goggles anymore, instead, choosing to wear these glasses.  The only thing to watch out for with these glasses is that they run a little bit wide – so if you have a super narrow head you probably won’t like them.


The best pair of sun glasses I’ve ever owned and they only cost $30 on amazon.com.

Julbo Tensing High Alpine Sunglasses