Klymit Pillow X

Klymit Pillow X Review

The Klymit Pillow X is a lightweight inflatable pillow targeting the ultralight backpacker. A pillow is on my short list of luxury items that I pack on any extended backpacking trip. If you don’t sleep well your trip will suffer the consequences. The X pillow sets itself apart from the crowd with its iconic X segmentation. This 4 chamber design self centers your head onto the pillow keeping your perfectly positioned all night long.

Construction of the Klymit Pillow X is very typical. It is made out of a very “plasticy” polyester fabric and uses the same blow/twist inflation valve that has been used on sleeping pads for years. It feels sturdy, won’t pop easily (you can use it as a seat cushion no problem), and inflates with just a couple breaths. The “self-centering” technology of the X pillow works quite well keeping your head in the center of the pillow and if you are a back sleeper this seems like a really awesome feature. Personally, this pillow doesn’t work for my sleeping setup. I normally put my backpack on its side, with the padded back facing me, at the top of my sleeping pad. I then prop my pillow up against that and lay with my head/upper back elevated while I sleep (much like you would use pillows to prop you up while sleeping at home). Due to the air chamber segmentation that enables the self-centering the pillow folds in on itself rather than staying in it’s proper place for my sleeping arrangements. The material it’s made out of is also quite slick which doesn’t help it stay in my desired position very well. While I don’t find the Klymit Pillow X to be super comfortable I think anyone who sleeps on their back should consider it as it is designed and constructed well.


The Klymit Pillow X seems like a great option for anyone who sleeps on their back.


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