Little things add up when reducing weight

I recently replaced my factory tent stakes with a set of MRS Carbon-Core tent stakes.  I also replaced all my guy lines and tent stake loops with a lightweight Dyneema cord.  Overall I dropped about 3 ounces from mountaineering tent and 4 ounces from my 3 season tent.  You might not always be able to spend a ton of cash to upgrade big items to drop weight but a lot of smaller reductions add up.

Replace your bulky sunscreen tube with a smaller, lighter bottle that only holds the amount you need.  If you use stuff sacks pick up some ultra lightweight Cordura ones (you can lose several ounces this way if you use a lot of stuff sacks).  Bring along rope to hang a bear bag? Upgrade your rope to something lighter.  I use 1.4mm Z-Line Slick Dyneema cord – 50 feet of it weighs 0.65 oz. and has a tensile strength of 330 lbs. 50 feet of standard 550 lb. paracord weighs about 5 ounces.  Even cutting all the tags off your clothing adds up – I reduced pack weight by 2 ounces by cutting my tags.

A couple ounces here and another couple there and you will drop a pound in no time.  Even if you are not trying to become an ultra lightweight hiker everyone can benefit from a lighter pack.

Benjamin Bressler

Benjamin Bressler

I'm a wilderness enthusiast who likes to focus on maintaining a lightweight pack to maximize my outdoor experience. I hold to the mantra that the lighter the pack the further and faster you can travel, but, I wouldn't consider myself "ultralight". I appreciate gear that has been reduced down to its essential features to provide an elegant and comfortable solution that is simple to use and effective in achieving its purpose.

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