Marmot Spring Glove Review

If you are looking for a nice middle weight glove you can’t go wrong with the Marmot Spring Glove.  With a soft shell back and a leather palm it provides a high degree of durability combined with excellent moisture management.  My hands sweat a lot so I really appreciate the wicking ability these gloves have thourgh the use of Marmot’s DriClime technology.  The Spring Glove also boasts Marmot’s proprietary Membrane lamination (aka these gloves are waterproof).  Its tough to find a glove that both keeps your hands dry from external sources as well as removing the moisture your hands create – this glove nails it.

Glove choice is something that can be difficult for people.  Keeping your hands warm without overheating as well as maintaining dry hands is very difficult in high activity situations.  When I’m backcountry skiing and skinning uphill to my favorite powder stash I’m working up a sweat.  I want gloves that cut the cold, keep my hands dry, will protect me if I fall and need to grab onto a chunk of ice or rock to catch myself, but won’t cause me to overheat.  I wear the Marmot Spring Glove about 50% of the time.  On colder days I use it on the hike up -switching to a warmer pair of gloves when I transition from skinning to skiing.  On warmer days I wear the Outdoor Research StormTracker gloves for the skin up and put on the Marmot Sprint Glove for the ski down.

I’ve used these gloves for about 6 months and have put them through their paces.  So far they have held up great with only a slight bit of wear showing on the leather fingertips.  Unless something crazy happens that causes me to totally trash these gloves (in which case I will be even happier that I have them on and didn’t end up trashing my hands) I expect that they will last me at least another season before developing holes.  This is saying something for their durability – normally a pair of gloves lasts me about 6 months.

You can see some slight wear and tear on the Marmot Spring Glove after roughly 6 months of heavy use.

You can see some slight wear and tear on the Marmot Spring Glove after roughly 6 months of heavy use.


The Marmot Spring Glove is an overall great pair of gloves that fills the middle of my glove quiver perfectly. Rarely do I venture into the backcountry without this pair of gloves.

Marmot Spring Glove

UPDATE: It appears Marmot no longer manufactures this glove.