Midland Nautico 3 Marine Radio Review

The Midland Nautico 3 Marine radio is a great VHF radio that is easy on the wallet.  It is easy to use, provides quick access to channel 16, has the weather channels built in, has a backlit screen and a bunch of other appreciated features.  The reason I went with this radio over a number of other options was the fact that it is small, runs on AA batteries, but still transmits a 5 watt signal.  I’ve had poor luck with 1 or 3 watt radios and radios that transmit more than 5 watts are too big and bulky for easy storage on my sea kayak.

The only downside to this radio is that it isn’t waterproof.  It is only ranted to handle light rain and splashes so prolonged exposure clipped to my lifejacket is out – need to keep this one in a dry bag.  On the flip side it only costs around $50 on Amazon.com so if it does break it won’t set you back too much to replace it.

Something to note: For those looking for a radio to use on land your best bet is to get a high quality GMRS radio with built in weather channels.  VHF radios are illegal to use in most places unless you are on the water.  The channels used by VHF are generally reserved for local fire and recue or leased by the government to other local organizations.


Cheap, lightweight, 5 watts of transmit power and runs on AA’s. Perfect radio for a sea kayak.

Midland Nautico 3 Marine Radio