Millet Matrix 30 MBS Ski Touring Backpack Review

The Millet Matrix 30 MBS ski touring backpack is a pretty solid backpack that holds everything you need without the risk of blowing a zipper while only weighing 2 lbs 8.56 oz.  This pack takes a little different approach than most ski/snowboard backpacks – it has a single large main pocket rather than a dual pocket system which separates your shovel, skins and probe from the rest of your gear.  The main pocket is quite spacious and has a place for your shovel blade, probe and shovel handle.  Your hydration bladder is held in place with dual Velcro strips and shares the shovel blade pocket (this works surprisingly well).

The helmet carry system is pretty unique but I’m not sure if I like it or not.  I might just need to use it more to get the hang of it but it seems like the traditional bungee cord attachment most packs use might be easier to use (I think you could restring this pack’s helmet carry system with bungee cable if Millet’s system bothers you).  The ski carry system is also a little flawed.  I like the approach Millet took – your skis feel super solid when they are attached but getting them attached can be difficult.  If your pack is fully loaded the lower carry strap isn’t quite long enough to accommodate the majority of todays fat backcountry skis with ease.  My skis fit but I need to work to get them through the bottom loop.  I would rather have a much longer than necessary loop so I can quickly strap up my skis for that final summit push.

My favorite feature I saved for last – the crampon pocket.  It is a really handy pocket that I suppose could hold your crampons but I prefer to use it to carry my skins.  I can stash my skins into that pocket without needing to open the main pouch of the pack and get all my gear covered in snow.  This single pocket makes my transitions from skin to ski way faster.


If you skis fit in the carry system then this is a great pack.

Millet Matrix 30 MBS Ski Touring Backpack