MSR Alpine Salt and Pepper Shaker Review

Its that time of year when cobwebs are dusted off gear that has been sitting unused for several months and when that happens the majority of us get that urge to go down to our local outdoor store and buy new stuff! Everyone likes to upgrade a few things at the beginning of the season but what if you don’t have tons of money to drop on fancy new gear? The MSR Alpine Salt and Pepper Shaker is an awesome piece of “luxury” gear to pick up that you will use more than you think and never regret taking along.

The MSR Alpine Salt and Pepper Shaker is a small cylinder that is divided down the middle into two chambers.  Each end contains a “shaker” that is sealed with a snap closure lid that contains a rubber gasket to keep moisture from invading your precious seasonings.  Its super cheap (MSRP of $5.99), made of BPA free plastic, and weighs 0.3 oz.  Its these little upgrades that can make a backpacking trip so much more comfortable – a dash of salt to an otherwise bland means takes the food you eat from something you choke down to something you enjoy.

MSR Salt and Pepper Shaker Detail

You can see the nice rubber gasket that seals both the snap closure of the shaker as well as the larger rubber gasket that seals the lid to the body.

There are many salt and pepper shakers out there but this one stands out because of how nicely sealed the compartments are.  More than once, using other salt and pepper shakers, I’ve gone to shake some salt into my food only to realize its turned into a solid block of salt from the ambient moisture in the air.

Something else to think about – just because its a salt and pepper shaker doesn’t mean you need to put salt and pepper into it.  Personally, I put salt in one half of it and a cinnamon/sugar mixture in the other that I can sprinkle in my morning oatmeal.