MSR CamRing Cord Tensioners Review

Not much to review here.  These cord tensioners are great.  I use them not only on all my guy lines.  Sure, you don’t actually need these.  You can tie a great knot that does the exact same thing.  But when I’ve got cold, stiff fingers I’d much rather use one of these.  Besides, they weigh only 0.2 g (that’s right, 1/5 of a gram).  You would be hard pressed to argue against the weight of these things. The only thing to consider with these is that they are made to work with 1.8 mm cord.

If you are using 1.6 mm or even 1.4 mm it seems to work fine but if you are going smaller than that you will need to find a different solution.


Break the cord tensioners that come with your guy lines? Replace them with these.