MSR Titan Kettle Review

The MSR Titan Kettle is a great small pot that can double as a bowl or mug. It’s sturdy, has a well thought out design and can, without a doubt, function perfectly as your do it all piece of cookware for the solo backpacker.

When MSR designed this piece they set about to create a no nonsense cooking pot – that’s what they did. It’s not flashy but that is the point. Consequently, on the surface, there isn’t much to say about the Titan Kettle in a review. But, when looking at what MSR produced with a more decreeing eye you notice subtle details (such as the ability if the lid’s handle to be locked in an upright position) that point to a solid understanding of the requirements of a backcountry cook pot.

Some other things of note, the Titan Kettle fits an 8 oz. fuel canister with little room to spare (plan on packing your stove and other cooking implements else ware). It also weighs slightly more than other solo pot options especially considering it has a slightly smaller than average volume (850 ml.). It comes in at 4.3 oz. on my home scale. The extra weight is due to it’s rather thick (for titanium) construction. This is both a positive (for the durability minded backpacker) as well as a negative (for the weight conscious backpacker).

Personally, I ended up going with the Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pasta Pot M as my go to pot over the MSR Titan Kettle. It holds not only an 8 oz. fuel canister but also my stove, lighter, salt & pepper shaker, hot lips, and fork/spoon. I like everything contained in a single package. The Evernew pasta pot also weighs slightly less and has a larger volume. This doesn’t mean you should make the same decision. If you are more concerned about durability the MSR Titan Kettle is a better option. It’s also cheaper (MSRP of $49.99).


The MSR Titan Kettle is a great option if you want one pot to last you a lifetime. While it might not fulfill the specific needs of very picky backpackers it is never going to be a bad choice.

MSR Titan Kettle