Outdoor Research Echo Long Sleeve Zip Tee Review

The Outdoor Research Echo Long Sleeve Zip Tee is the most versatile piece of clothing I own.  Pretty much any time of year, regardless of the weather, you can find me wearing the Echo Long Sleeve Zip.  I’ve worn it during roasting summer time rafting trips, freezing winter ski adventures to the tops of mountains and everywhere in between.  The main reason the Outdoor Research’s Echo line of shits is so popular is the material they are made out of.  It is super light weight and breathes like crazy.  Its one of the best next-to-skin fabrics I’ve found for wicking sweat and moisture  then in a matter of moments drying itself out.  The Echo line comes in several different versions – long and short sleeve as well as a zip version. Personally I prefer the long sleeve zip. The long sleeves keep me just slightly warm in the winter and in the summer it is light enough to protect me from the sun (along with its UPF rating of 15) without making me over heat.  If I do get too warm I can always unzip it.

Its very rare to find a piece of clothing that works so well in both warm and cold climates but the superior wicking ability this shirt has really is what makes this possible.  In the winter time your main goal is to move moisture away from your body to your outer layers so that it can evaporate out through your jacket.  In the summer you want to quickly evaporate moisture, by wicking it from your body through your shirt, to increase the cooling effects of evaporation. A shirt that can move moisture is a shirt you want to be wearing in any type of weather. Pair that with its light weight – which allows you to determine how warm you want to be based off your other layers – and you create a winning combination.

Other stand out features include the fit (trim enough to easily layer underneath but just large enough to layer on top of other tighter layers and allow for a full range of movement), the option to have a zipper (a feature that used to be standard but seems to becoming harder to find lately) and its flat seam construction (so it won’t chafe under backpack straps).


Most long sleeve shirts try and insulate too much.  The Outdoor Research Echo Long Sleeve Zip Tee is the perfect weight for any occasion.

Outdoor Research Echo L/S Zip Tee