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Basecamp comfort

I’ve often found that the night before a expedition is many times the least comfortable part of the trip.  All your stuff is packed up and inaccessible so you are left to either sleep on some rock hard bunk in a base camp hut or (more often than not for me) curl up on some nasty couch that smells like the 100’s other people who have slept there before you.  I’ve found that if I plan ahead and bring a small bag of things purely for basecamp use that’s then stashed in the car for the remainder of the trip, I am a way happier person.

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Prana Zion Pants

Prana Stretch Zion Pant Review

The Prana Stretch Zion pants are, without a doubt, my favorite pants of all time. Not just favorite hiking pants but favorite pants, ever. I’d wear these things all day every day if I could get away with it. They are comfortable, have excellent breathability, work in both hot and cold temperatures, and are super durable. To make things even better Prana recently started offering the Zion’s in multiple colors so now maybe I can wear them every day… these pair with a suit jacket and tie right? Lets dive into the individual features that make these my favorite pants ever as well as take a look at the one thing about these pants that make me want to throw my laptop out the window in frustration.

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Glacier National Park

5 Days in Glacier National Park Packing List

Recently I spent a week in Glacier National Park doing the 55 mile northern high loop. This is a full gear list including both packed and worn items for the trip. Since this trip took place in late summer/early fall we had to be prepared for showers and sun (both of which we encountered).

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Big Agnes Fly Creek UL3 Tent

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL3 Tent Review

The Big Agnes Fly Creek UL3 tent is the best, most versatile two person tent I’ve ever used (yeah I know it says three person but realistically it’s best for two). I’m not a huge fan of most tents. They are too small, weigh too much and are a pain in the butt to set up. While the UL3 isn’t perfect it hits all the major requirements with very few drawbacks and has served me well from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the top of Mt. Rainier. It’s the longest lasting piece of gear I’ve ever owned. Other parts of my outdoor kit rotate from time to time as new tech is released but after purchasing this tent in 2012 I’ve yet to find a better option. If you are looking for the last 3 season tent you will ever buy look no further than this awesome piece of gear.

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Deuter ACT Lite 50 + 10 Backpack

Deuter ACT Lite 50 + 10 Backpack Review

The Deuter ACT Lite 50 + 10  is one of Deuter’s flagship lightweight load hauler. Its one the largest lightweight packs they list on their website and it has the goal of providing “lightweight, yet reliable comfort”. To a fair degree Deuter has come through on this front but this pack also isn’t a contender for best in class. The ACT Light 50 + 10 has all the standard features you would expect on a 4 season pack without skipping anything major – they even include dual hipbelt pockets (a rarity in 4 season packs). Where they fall short though is in its primary selling point – it’s weight. The pack weighs 3.8 lbs and with just a quick glance at the construction of the pack there are some obvious ways they could have cut weight without impacting it’s functionality.

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Smith Dolen ChromaPop Polarchromic Ignitor Sunglasses

Smith Dolen ChromaPop Polarchromic Ignitor Sunglasses Review

Besides having a mouthful of a name the Smith Dolen ChromaPop Polarchromic Ignitor sunglasses boast a ton of technology that is supposed to provide you with unparalleled visual clarity in a multitude of weather conditions – ranging from overcast to bright sun. I’ve worn a pair for almost a year now and they have secured a place on my nose for good. Here’s why.

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Five day meal plan

5 Day Backcountry Meal Plan

In the near future I’m going to be spending 5 days in Glacier National Park hiking the Many Glacier Loop. One of the things even experienced backpackers are always curious about is what someone else brings for food. Eating the same thing trip after trip gets old fast especially if you spend a decent amount of time outdoors. Here are my thoughts on how to eat well in the woods on a five day trip.

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REI Traverse 28 Pack

REI Traverse 28 DayPack Review

Recently there has been a trend in daypacks that I fully support – the inclusion of a real frame. The REI Traverse 28 Pack is an example of this new breed of pack. While I appriciate a light load I always prefer a pack that has the ability to carry additional weight when needed. This could be extra water for a long day hike, your friends gear if their pack breaks or they become hurt, or maybe you find a treasure chest in the woods… what are you going to do? Leave it behind? IT’S A TREASURE CHEST! Along with the rigid frame this day pack sports a number of other features that could make this your go to daypack.

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5 Tips for Car Camping

When it comes to car camping there are all sorts of lists mentioning the top things new people shouldn’t forget. But what about those of us who already know not to forget their pillow or to pack a tarp in case it rains? That who this list is for. It contains (in no particular order) 5 things that I pack in my car camping kit that make life easier.

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Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series Trail Dog Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Trail Dog First Aid Kit Review

Let’s face it – life is better with a dog. But… life can also be very complicated with a dog. This is especially true when they decide to try and eat a porcupine or think that backing an angry animal into a hole is a good idea. I love having a trail companion with me but until recently I never really thought about treating my dogs injuries. Adventure Medical Kits realized this and came out with a product specifically targeting me – someone with no vet experience who needs to be able to treat a dog with the same level of injuries a human might sustain in the wilderness. The Adventure Dog Series Trail Dog Medical Kit perfectly solves this problem.

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