Primus Express Lander Stove Review

I recently picked up the Primus Express Lander stove from Rei’s outlet site.  After some recent cold weather mountaineering I decided it was time to make the switch to a white gas stove.  I’d been considering a white gas cook system for a while but I just couldn’t justify the trade off in weight.  The Primus Express Lander makes that a non issue.  It is a 6.2 oz stove (the pump, included with the stove, weighs an additional 3.7 oz) that preforms quite well in cold weather.  I was able to melt (and bring to a boil) enough snow to product 16 oz of water with 17g of fuel at 6000 feet of elevation.  For short trips (1-2 nights) I would still probably use a Optimus Vega canister stove due to its ease of use (not needing to prime the stove) and low weight.  It preforms great in cold weather but when you invert the canister to use it in 4 season mode it is a fuel hog – blasting through almost half a 8oz fuel canister to produce enough water for a single freeze dried meal.

When you combine the fuel efficiency of white gas with the low weight of the Primus Express Lander you easily have a net weight savings if you are going on a 3+ night trip or are going to be boiling water for multiple people in winter conditions – even taking into consideration the additional weight of a pump and fuel bottle.

I’ve only used this stove a few times but my experience has been positive.  Its easy to use. Boils fast.  Doesn’t weigh much.  Spreads the flame out nicely across the bottom of the pot.  Has decent flame control (although you are probably better suited with a different stove if you are trying to compete in a backcountry Iron Chef competition).  Overall a great winter stove.

Some thing take note of: Obviously Primus fuel bottles are compatible with this stove.  So are MSR bottles as long as you use the 20 oz or larger size (the smallest size MSR makes is too short to accommodate the pump included with this stove).  Soto fuel bottles have too wide a mouth and won’t work.


This is the stove that convinced me white gas doesn’t need to weigh a ton.  Its my go to winter weather backpacking stove.

Primus Express Lander Stove

UPDATE: It appears Primus no longer manufactures this product.

2 thoughts on “Primus Express Lander Stove Review

  1. Eilon

    Hey I’m having issues with my new lander vf stove. Got it brand new and am using it with an msr bottle and fresh white gas as the fuel. Yet its having issues bringing a small pot of room temp water to a boil. I’m confused as to what might cause this and how to take care of it. Any advice?

    1. Benjamin Bressler Benjamin Bressler

      Oh no! I’ve yet to have any substantial issues with this stove so hopefully we can resolve your problems.

      I’d recommend making sure you pump the fuel bottle adequately to build up internal pressure – you don’t need to treat it like a water rocket but pressure is key. You also need to make sure the fuel bottle isn’t too full. There is a max fill line for a reason. Without enough room to build up air pressure you won’t get adequate fuel flow.

      The final thing I’d suggest is making sure you adequately prime the stove. This is done by pressurizing the bottle, attaching it to the stove, opening the valve and waiting until you hear it “hiss” for 1 second, close the valve and light the little pad at the base of the stove, once the flame has died down significantly and has changed from a ball of fire all over the stove to a more focused flame in the actual burner open the fuel valve back up and you should see the flame change to the “jet” you expect. Priming your stove warms the parts up and allows the fuel to properly vaporize as it moves through the stove.

      Good luck with your stove! If these suggestions don’t help feel free to reply and we can come up with some other ideas to try.