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Pro Bar Meal Energy Bar Review

Lately I’ve been on a quest to find the best bars around.  Ok, maybe the term “quest” is a bit of an exaggeration but I’ve been getting bored of the generic energy bars I’ve been eating on every trip I’ve ever taken since I was 14 years old. My most recent culinary experience was with the Pro Bar Meal.  Billed as a “meal replacement” its slightly larger than traditional energy bars and supposedly more filling. I tried out the Superfood Slam and Strawberry Bliss bars.

Honestly I expected myself to not really enjoy these (they seemed so run of the mill) but to my surprise I actually really liked them.  Other “meal replacement” type bars were always dry, dense and kind of bland – Pro Bar Meal’s are anything but.  I would describe them as delicious seedy oatmeal in bar form – like if you added chia seeds to oatmeal.  They are a lot more moist than other comparable bars and rather than being granola based are seed based. You can feel the seeds crunch as you eat them.  The flavors are strong (no bland bars here) and the chunks of fruit are large enough that you actually taste them rather than having it all blend together.  If you are looking for a more filling energy bar check these out.

Pro Bar Meal Opened

You can see how moist and seedy the Pro Bar Meal’s are. Also, maybe I have a career as a hand model?


I would consider the Pro Bar Meals to be a great breakfast replacement bar. I’ll be packing a few on most of my upcoming trips.

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