WIN Detergent Review

Detergent might not be something you expect to see reviewed on an outdoor blog but if you spend enough time having epic adventures you will smell bad and your average detergent probably isn’t doing it’s job. I am a particularly sweaty guy and I’ve had a problem with my outdoor and workout clothes stinking in the past. I found this out when my girlfriend started complaining that my “clean” clothes still stank. By this point most people know that traditional detergents do a poor job removing smells from synthetic clothing. Thankfully brands like Win Detergent are here to help solve that specific problem. Without getting too deep into the science the same properties that repel water and make your outdoor clothing dry quickly causes those fabrics attract oils which in turn feed odor causing bacteria.

Win Detergent works like any other detergent except its made with special ingredients specifically formulated to combat the buildup of oils – you load your washing machine and toss in a couple capfuls. This stuff is super concentrated so don’t put in as much detergent as you normally would (follow the directions on the bottle). After adding the detergent do your laundry as usual (maybe skip the fabric softener and other add ins since those are not great for outdoor fabrics). It’s not complicated and that’s what is great about Win Detergent. Just do your laundry like normal and stop worrying about your clothes stinking.

Doing the laundry is one thing but it smelling good is another – time for the sniff test. I put a load of dirty Under Armor t-shirts, Darn Tough socks, Adidas shorts, Outdoor Research Echo and Astroman shirts as well as an assortment of other synthetic items through the wash. This initially produced mixed results. The Under Armor shirts and Adidas shorts both still had a lingering odor attached to them while the rest of the items were stink free. I ran the still stinky clothes through the wash again and after the second time they were smelling great. Fast forward through a week of wearing all my clean clothes to get them stinky again and this time they made it through the first wash coming out smell free without needing a second run. I have a feeling it just took a couple washes to get the built up of stank taken care of. Now that the backlog is no more Win Detergent can keep up with my standard level of odor.

One quick note – I used the scent free version to test with to make sure I was able to tell if any lingering odors remained on my clothes. Both the Fresh Scent and Fragrance free versions of Win Detergent are available through Amazon with free Prime shipping.


Win Detergent does what it says and gets the sweaty smell out of your workout or outdoor clothes.

Win Detergent

NOTE: I received WIN Detergent for free from the manufacturer in consideration for a gear review.

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